Vket Account

What is VketAccount

VketAccount is a common authentication platform to connect Vket-series services with a single account.

What's the difference from VirtualMarketBeta ?

Previously, we have relied on related service “Virtual Market β” for log-ins.

As we provide ever more vket-related events and services, we have decided to create a new VketAccount system focused on account management so as to provide a more convenient account service to users with robust privacy protection by separating user information adequately.

Features of VketAccount

  • Minimal and secure management of user information.
  • Users can now set their account ID freely.
  • In the future, we will aim for account connectivity outside Google Account and user communication/linkage.

What about past data of VirtualMarketBeta?

  • Upon the initial login you can inherit past data by logging in with the same Google Account that you have used for Virtual Marketβ.
  • You may choose not to inherit the data (opt-out), but in that case, you may no longer access past purchase history, salesm, or exhibition information.